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with a journalism degree and a gig at my town’s library i’m surrounded by books and writing just about every minute of every day. i’ve been a voracious reader from the time i was in second grade, and a harry potter fan for over a decade. i’m one hardworking little hufflepuff who is fueled by iced tea, veganism and tom petty radio. i aspire to write for entertainment weekly dishing out my feels about all things pop culture and deets about what’s new on the tube and cinema screens. i’m my most radiant self when i’m penning film and television show reviews on my other blog: vickiheartstv.blogspot.com and reading enchanting, Victorian-era magical fueled middle grade or young adult novels with fierce female leads! 

the love of my life is my mewie: paco. a gorgeous tabby patterned kitty whom i adopted from my local animal shelter when i was in my freshman year of high school. i also share my home with another rescue cat, lilly, aka the black devil, and my sister rachel who recently graduated from art school (go Rach!). i’d be in remiss without giving a shoutout to my human bae, ryan, my incredible, sweet and devoted guy who’s ever excited to see what i have to say and can talk to me from sun up to sun down about all things. also love and hugs to my best friend lily, who’s been with me through the worst and darkest times, seen me at my most broken and was there to encourage me, turning up the brightness and giving me hope for the good things to come. to gretchen who quite honestly saved my life more than once, and believed in me the entire time. without your steadfast presence, humor and support i wouldn’t be here today. to leslie for the mall crawls, fangirling sessions and never ending text conversations. rachel, for all the art, especially when i was on my fiction writing kicks in middle and high school: seeing my characters brought to life with your pencil was magic at its finest. to my grandma for telling me writing is my gift, my talent, my mark on this world, and for telling everyone about all the articles i wrote while i was staff writer and editor for my college magazine and newspaper. to sid for the books and dunkin donuts giftcards and silly kakaotalk convos. to suzanne who lifted me up when i was at my lowest and taught me that only by nourishing myself could i nourish my dreams and be my most radiant self. and to my mommy, one of my best friends, my lifeline, and the one who has sacrificed so much for me, and never given up on me. i love you with all of my heart and soul.

this blog is for all of you. 

xx vicky